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Eyelash extensions are individual strands of faux lashes expertly attached to each natural eyelash with a special medical grade adhesive. They are applied to the eyelash itself and are never in direct contact with your skin. We only use the highest quality faux lashes available on the market today. They range in thickness, curl shape and durability. Make an appointment to come see us today!


Individual Mink                                                 $160

Individual Mink Fill 2 weeks                             $60

Individual Mink Fill 3 weeks                             $80 



Natural Volume (2D/3D)                                    $200

Natural Volume Fill 2 weeks /3 weeks              $75/$95

Full Volume (5D/6D)                                           $250

Full Volume Fill 2 weeks/3 weeks                     $100/$120


Individual Mink Bottom                                     $50


Lashes Removal                                                  $40

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Congratulations, on your new, beautiful set of lash extensions! To maintain your lashes, hope the following suggestion we suggest the follow to help maximize your results.


  • Avoid getting the lashes wet for the first 24 hours following your lash extension application. This includes saunas and swimming pools.


  • Avoid oil-based skincare, mascara and cleansing products. Only water based (oil-free) products are approved. Oil-based products will affect the adhesion (possibly break it down) and cause the lashes to fall out prematurely. Also avoid oil-based eyeliner. Oil-based and / or waterproof mascaras will interfere with the bond.

  • Keep your fingers off your lashes! Every time you touch them, you are transferring natural oil and GERMS.


  • Grooming – Brush your lashes with a mascara wand to groom your lashes, ideally when your lashes are wet (out of the shower). The lashes are softer at that time.

  •  Use a clean mascara wand to support your lashes. Curl lashes in an upward motion.

  • Use only powdered, liquid and gel eyeliner. Please inform your esthetician regarding your lashes when going for facial work. Caution is recommended when having services including lasers, chemical peels, hydroxyl treatments, or any other treatments involving acidic substances.

  • We recommend that you apply protective coating once or twice per week. Particularly, if you have oily skin. This technique will protect and preserve your lashes as well as extend the life of your extensions. Furthermore, protective coating seals and hydrates the lashes as well as keeps them moisturized.

  • The natural lash cycle is sixty to ninety days. When one lash falls out there is another lash growing in. Therefore, you will need regular fills (3-4 weeks) to keep your lashes looking beautiful.

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