Smoky Eye Makeup


We all know how great it feels to walk out of a Nail Spa and be satisfied with the service we received. Our highly trained staff are here to tackle all your needs with a professional Nail Enhancement that will leave you looking and feeling phenomenal. Come in and give us an hour of your time — you’ll be glad you did!

Acrylic Full Set                                       $35+

Acrylic Full Set with Gel Polish             $45

Acrylic Refill                                            $25

Acrylic Refill with Gel Polish                  $35

Gelish PolyGel Full Set                          $50+

Gelish PolyGel Refill                              $30

Liquid Gel Full Set                                  $70

Liquid Gel Refill                                      $50

Liquid Gel Pink & White                         $90

Liquid Gel Pink & White Fill                   $70

Liquid Gel Pink Fill                                  $45

Pink & White Full Set                              $75

Pink & White Fill                                      $50

Pink Fill                                                     $35

Artificial Nail Removal                             $10

French Hands or Feet                              $5

Polish Change Hands                              $10

Polish Change Feet                                 $15